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Hands Down Martial Arts is a premiere athletic academy with expertise in a variety of martial art sporting styles. We are committed to the development of the mind and body through technical proficiency, health awareness, and fitness training for all of our students and instructors. Our academies carry with them, a professional reputation for excellent service in martial arts athletics, while catering to the unique needs of our members through age specific classes, exclusive curriculums, private sessions, training camps/courses, and flexible time-tables that challenge our members to grow in skill and discipline.

Martial Arts Styles



Kickboxing is a “stand-up” exchange of techniques drawing influence from Karate, Kung-Fu, Taekwondo, Boxing, and Muay Thai.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art self-defense system that focuses on grappling, submission wrestling, and tactical ground fighting.


Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport involving a combination of “stand-up” striking, “on-ground” grappling, or wrestling techniques.


Unique Martial Arts Training that works for you

Training Plans for different Experience Levels

Training Plans are tailored to complement the unique goals of our members. Each plan has a focal area that progresses in stages, encouraging all to get the most out of their involvment through continual advancement.

  • Lil Dragon Training Plan

    This Training Plan offers a unique curriculum developed for students ages 4-6 years old. It includes a variety of fitness and martial arts technical exercises, as well as a host of life and saftey skills.

  • Kick-Fit Training Plan

    Using a variety of exercise routines and basic martial arts techniques, this training plan focuses on enhancing ones fitness, flexibility, core-strength, and full-body conditioning.

  • Leadership Training Plan

    Including intermediate to advanced martial arts training and self defense, students are able to progress through the grading curriculum, participate in sparring, combat gymnastics and weapons.

  • Elite Training Plan

    Hands Down (HD) Elite students receive exclusive advanced level martial arts training, mentorship, coaching, competition involvement, and certifications that grant eligibility for careers as instructors, professional athletes, and entertainment performers.

Age Specific Classes!

Meeting each student at their stage of development

Hands Down Martial Arts offers a variety of classes that cater to the unique needs of our students through the following age specific programs.

Lil' Dragon Classes

These classes include a variety of martial arts concepts, as well as a combination of life and safety skills for 4-6 Year olds.

Children Classes

Students ages 7-9 will have skill development exercises that highlight such things as concentration, determination, and technique.

Juniors Classes

For ages 10-13, we emphasize understanding conflict resolution, reciprocating respect, and leadership skills to overcome peer pressure.

Adult Classes

Whether looking to lose weight, build confidence, reduce stress, or compete, for ages 14+, we offer what you need to accomplish your goals.



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